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MANDALA Luxury Wax Melts

Designer: BAHLOO & YHI

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A tranquil and relaxing blend of Indian incense. 

The unmistakable, warm and spicey aroma of creamy sandalwood, blended with sweet plumeria. 


Fragrance notes:

  • Head: Plumeria.
  • Heart: Sandalwood.
  • Soul: Sandalwood, Oriental Amber. 
  • Scent strength: 4/5


 Samples: Each sample melt is a single 10 g cube which will give you up to 16 hrs scent diffusion. Individually packaged in a biodegradable and recyclable bag. Perfect for trying out a new scent!

BAHLOO & YHI Luxury melts are 75 g with a diffusion time of *95 hours per bar. 

*Diffusion time 16 hrs approximately per cube.

Our melts are housed in recyclable packaging that is made up of 86% recycled plastic and crafted using soy wax and cruelty free/vegan ingredients.

With 6 easy to snap-off cubes. Each cube can be used as many times as you wish, until all the fragrance has evaporated; then simply snap off another cube and swap the wax.


Allergens: Please note that due to regulations we are required to display any potential allergens within our fragrances. These allergens may produce an allergic reaction, particularly if you are sensitive to fragrances.




*If you ever suspect an allergic reaction, to either our fragrances or any others, please follow the steps below: IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of soap and water. If skin irritation or rash occurs: Get medical advice/attention.