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HOUSE Wax Burner

Designer: Exclusive to BAHLOO & YHI

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This cute, cosy house burner comes with cut out windows, allowing the light to glow through when in use. 


Material: Ceramic, white gloss

Size: - Height: 11 cm x Width: 11 cm x Depth: 9 cm

How to use: 

Remove the roof of the house and place your wax melts in the dish. Place an unscented tealight in the back of the burner. 


- If you are burning our smaller triangular melts in this burner, it is advised to use two at a time to avoid the wax overheating, or over heating a shallow/dry melt pool. 

- Do not replace the roof of the burner onto the house whilst in use and hot.

- Only use a standard/short 4 hr tealight with this burner. Taller tealights may cause the burner to overheat.