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VEDA Deluxe Wax Warmer ( Clearance )

Designer: Exclusive to BAHLOO & YHI

£15.00 £24.99
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Available in off-white, this warmer comes with a Veda body and 3 interchangeable dishes allowing you to swap scents. Simply wait for the dish and wax to cool down, remove and replace with a new dish and scent. This warmer gives you 3 warmers in one. 

 Dimensions: - H 12 cm x W 14 cm 

The burners are made using 2 separate moulds which are pieced together and on some products this join may be visible. The join can either be on the outside as a vertical join or on the burner at the bottom as a horizontal join. 

*For safety please allow the wax and dish to fully cool before removing. 

*All burners are individually handmade and so there may be slight uneven surfaces or minor ripples as well as variations in height and weight and colour texture. None of this will affect the functionality of the burner and is normal in the production of individually made products.