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Our Story

Where it all started:

In 2016 I was on maternity leave from hairdressing, my father ln law had motor neurone desease and my husband and I would go around his often, each time we visited he needed help to light his scented candles. I said I’d like to try make my own candle, perhaps as gift for someone, it looked creative and I loved the science behind it. His words were “it can’t be that hard” and I proceeded to research and look into various oils. A few months later he passed away. Struggling mentally for a long time, It took me 4 months to even go near my equipment again. Eventually I got the help needed for my mental health and decided to start back up with home fragrance.  I picked up my mixing jug and started blending oils again. Instantly my head focused onto something positive and creative, I became addicted and fell in love with the process. I made it my mission to create products for people to bring happiness as it did for me to make them. Scent triggers strong memories and creates new ones, for me lime and mango reminds me of Tony my Father in Law, I chose that scent while sat with him. It took 4 years of learning the craft, developing my skills and finding the finest ingredients to creating products I love. In January 2020 BAHLOO & YHI was established.

The name BAHLOO & YHI:

I have always loved star gazing, seeing the moon and sun bring me comfort. I was watching a Stargazing programme; they told a story of how Aborigines call the moon BAHLOO and the sun YHI. It clicked instantly that I wanted to use those names, my father is Australian and he was the one to teach me about space.