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100% COTTON Drawstring bag

Designer: BAHLOO & YHI

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BAHLOO & YHI eco-friendly drawstring bags are the perfect accessory for storing your wax melts, samples or accessories.

You can use your bag to add a subtle scent to your wardrobe or cloakroom, simply store your favourite wax melts inside and hang them up where you wish. 


Dimensions: 15 cm x 20 cm

Materials: 100% cotton. Biodegradable, sustainable and completely compostable.


  • It takes approximately a year from the sowing of a cotton seed into the earth to the production of a finished cotton bag. A natural cotton bag will provide roughly twelve years of continuous use. When it has fulfilled its purpose, it can be shredded and placed in a domestic composting bin or taken to an industrial composting facility where it will provide the necessary carbon elements to the compost mixture.


How to wash your cotton bag:

Hand wash gently, pull to shape, and dry flat.  Iron only on the reverse of the printed cloth with a warm iron.

How to compost your cotton bag:

 If you have a cotton bag you want to dispose of, we recommend doing so sustainably.  You can take it to a clothing bank or charity for it to be reused, or if it's ready to be binned, you can of course compost it. 

If you want to put it in your compost heap, just be sure to remove any zips, buckles, eyelets or other non-compostable components that might be on the bag (e.g. anything metal).  The best way to ensure the bag composts quickly is to cut up the fabric into small squares, or better yet, by shredding it into threads.  The smaller the pieces, the better!  Be sure to add the fabric scraps alongside fresher, 'wetter' items such as food waste or garden clippings to help them break down quicker.