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Wax Melts FAQ

What are Wax Melts?

Wax Melts are individual pieces of scented wax. Used with an approved wax warmer the heat from the tea light or electric warmer melts the wax releasing the infused fragrance oils into the air without being in direct contact with a naked flame.

Wax Melts are stronger and quicker for scent release than a candle because the wax is melted hotter from underneath.

How long does a Wax Melt Last?

A segment of Wax will last an average of 12 hrs each, that’s 3 x 4hr tea lights. This will vary depending on the quality of the tea light used and your Wax Warmer type.

We have found Tea light Warmers heat the wax hotter making the scent release stronger but dissipate quicker, Electric Warmers are not as hot allowing the scent to release gradually over a longer time.

We find a Wax Melt only needs 1 hour to fully scent a room (depending on room size). After this time the warmer can be switched off or tealight put out to reserve the scent.

How do I remove the wax from the Wax Warmer dish?

We recommend turning on (if electric) or lighting a tea light under your burner and leaving the wax to warm for around 1 minute (slightly longer in electric burners) until the underneath of the wax has started melting. You should then be able to slide the wax out of the dish.

Alternatively, you can allow the wax disc to melt & then use cotton pads to soak up the wax. Dispose of the pads and pop a new wax melt in the dish.

How do I clean my Wax Warmer?

Once the Wax Melt has been removed you can clean your Wax Warmer using warm soapy water and kitchen roll or similar. Do not pour melted wax down a drain.

Please ensure that the burner has cooled down completely, is not plugged-in or lit whilst cleaning.